Friday, July 22, 2005

Stomach Pain

My stomach has undergone major surgery twice now in under six months: first for the C-Section, and the other day for an emergency appendectomy. "Emergency appendectomy" is redundant, because the only reason one gets an appendectomy is due to an emergency situation -- like the thing is gonna burst or something.

My stomach is sore!

And Clara is a kicker -- when she nurses she wiggles and kicks with glee. "Don't kick mommy!" I keep pleading with her, but she doesn't yet understand these words. I'm gonna have to duct tape a pillow around my waist or something to keep the OUCH down.


Powergirl said...

OMG! When did you have the apendectomy? I am so sorry. If you need anything, please let me know.

Zelda said...

Xta! OMG indeed! Are you all right? When did this happen? I'm guessing after crybaby night?

Robin said...

Wow! i didn't know about the apendix situation. feel better soon, r

Pinky said...

Mephista! Sorry to hear of this emergency procedure! Hope you're on the mend. We send you kisses for your belly.
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