Friday, June 15, 2007

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

Tomas Antonio Forster, September 3, 1935 -- June 12, 2007.


Robin said...

Really sorry to hear this, Christa. Let us know what we can do to help. xo

Ann_Bogle said...

Christa, very sad news. May be a complex grieving ahead for you; (try Kubler - Ross or Year of Magical Thinking?) I visited my father's grave just the other day -- I'm in NY w/ Tony right this minute. I demanded that he bother my mother to give me financial relief! His ash was cold. Then a children's group traipsed through the cemetery. It's amazing how I still love him. I really did/do. Better than all other men, combined. I want to write long stories about it. But true.

cake said...

christa, i am so sorry for your loss. this has been such a rough year for you, and yet you handle it all with grace and humor. at this point, no one could begrudge you if you broke down..lost it...snapped etc. and if you need a shoulder, or a truffle, or a couple of hours to yourself (i love hanging out with diego, and cosmo has a crush on clara), just let me know. love you.

Tom Mason said...

Christa, it was so very good to see you again, even tho for a really bad reason. Tony's passing has shaken me more than I realized - he seemed like such a rock - a "presence"- in spite of his obvious physical issues. I believe it would be fitting to commission a bronze statue - like the one of John Wayne at the OC airport, but smaller - of Tony, based on the portrait displayed outside the Basilica.
Perhaps it's the remembrances of our families' past life together that have also resurrected feelings from Herv's and Tommy's passings - ¿quien sabe?
Your description of the memorial was excellent - I felt as tho I was in the past during the mass and then the procesion - it was a shock to leave the cemetery and go back into "real life", with all its noise and hustle-bustle (going nowhere, but going fast).
I can't believe you are 40! Stop it - I'm only 62 - or is it 58? Anyway, that's how I feel.
I also enjoyed getting to know your husband, David. He reminded me a little of Tommy - not just his height and hair, but some of his facial expressions too (no doubt one sees what one wishes to see).
Let's keep writing to stay in touch - Love, Unc Tom