Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Is Fine, 2

I don't even understand what I'm thinking anymore.  Everything is strange.


Robin said...

Hope the IAG works out this round. To beat the blogging blahs (from which I'm suffering--and then some) I’m having a virtual blog party this week. If you want to play, the minimal guidelines are here: http://theothermother.typepad.com/blog/2008/02/she-was-really.html. xo robin

cake said...

i am tagging you because i really want to read yours.

check out the details at:


Ann_Bogle said...

Where oh where did C. go? I'm in NY getting divorced 3 weeks before the wedding -- what a prenuptial hatred contest feels like -- he thinks I want money, but I don't. I want air, green pastures, happiness, friendship, love, opportunities. If you hear we've postponed, don't be shocked, or as my mother said over the phone tonight, "I'm shocked, but not surprised."

Ann_Bogle said...

He went to a hotel. I stay, awaiting a pkg. delivery Tues. that contains my key to a rental car that I plan to drive to Michael Kelly's house and surprise him and his lifelong girlfriend, J. Or so I tell myself to soothe the agitation. My sister asked, had I even talked to MK? No, I say. Words are not necessary w/ MK. Words are the fiend in this affair. AQ assures me all she did before marrying P. was rest and now they're very happy and doing daily workouts.