Monday, May 12, 2008


On Mother's Day, I left the house to go write for a few hours and when I came home, Clara and Daddy were deep in the Playdoh.  My favorite object d'art of theirs is below.  According to David, Clara asked him to make "mommy's car and put Clara, Diego and Daddy in it.  Then let's  go to the Apple store and fix your computer."  Clara has been with Daddy to the Apple store more times than I can count these days, because Daddy's Powerbook has been broke broke broke.  None of the geniuses seem able to fix it for good.


rebecca said...

You have an orange convertible??? LUCKY!

Screaming-Life said...

That's some fine craftsmanship if I may say so my self!

As for the Powerbook. OMAC on Westheimer may be able to help.

BTW, EMAIL!!!!!!!!!

Jenni-beck said...

So adorable! Now that I've found it, I look forward to following your blog, Miss C!

Nina Sapphira said...

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