Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Funny Women


This Wednesday, writer Gwen Zepeda will discuss her practice and read some of her stuff at the Spacetaker SPEAKeasy.  Gwen is one of my favorite new writers -- she's funny, piquant, and totally readable.  I'm loving her new novel, Houston We Have a Problema, published by Grand Central.  www.spacetaker.org for more info.  FREE,  6:30 p.m.


This Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21, Michelle Ellsworth is at Diverse Works with The Objectification of Things, which she says is about "taking objects from our lives and making them subjects."  The first time I saw Michelle, she stunned me with All Clytemnestra on the Western Front, where she singlehandedly retold the Illiad from the point of view of Clytemnestra, playing every character herself. After seeing her, I trekked to Boulder, Colorado to workshop my one woman show -- Antilogical Pedagogical --  with her, which was one of the highlights of 2003 for me.  She will offer you a way of thinking about performance that you have not thought of before.  www.diverseworks.org for tickets and info.

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