Wednesday, January 24, 2007

School Lunches

From Kindergarten to Eighth grade I attended the Old Mission School in San Juan Capistrano. We walked to school and carried our lunches with us in brown bags. From about 2nd grade on, my job in the mornings as the oldest child was to make our lunches. Sandwiches were either peanut butter and jelly, bologna and mustard, cream cheese and jelly, or tuna salad. Knudsens yogurt, saltine crackers, green grapes, tortilla chips served as snacks. We got a small carton of milk at school. There were days when my mom made the lunches because I woke up late or something, but she always put things like sprouts on the sandwiches, and that was totally unacceptable to us, although that didn't stop her. Our sandwiches were already untradable because we had to eat sprouted bread.

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