Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday Journal

Woke up. Did yoga. Ate oatmeal. Went to farmer's market. Recycled. Went to Ava's 2nd birthday party. Came home. Went shopping by myself for Janis Joplin costume. Got calls and messages from friends, family. Found enough items to make Janis work -- shirt with bell sleeves, boa for hair, round glasses, beads by Sharon. Came home. Babysat while David did errands (including buying me birthday lottery scratchoffs, which I still haven't scratched off). When David got home, I made dinner -- spiced lentils, basmati rice and kale -- and burnt the kale while Sharon, Aaron and Joy visited. Helped Marcia get kids to bed. David and I left for IBP annual gala -- Tortured Artist Gala, hence the Janis costume. "Look, it's Janic Joplin and David." Saw lots of old friends and some new ones, too. Favorite costumes were the ones of people dressed as IBP company members: Erin Farmer as Tamarie Cooper; Jeff Miller as Joe Folladori; Joe Folladori as Paul Locklear, Mark Yzaguiirre as Jason Nodler. Had portrait made by Katie Jackson and Elizabeth Jackson. Sat in the heart of the building with them for a while (under the stairs). Spent a little time upstairs, too, with the upstairs crowd. Was cajoled onto the dance floor by a beautiful fairy named Gie Gie. Scariest sight on the dance floor: Jennifer Mathieu as Sylvia Plath boogie-ing with a huge smile on her face and an oven on her head. Sang backup with Cathy on "Starmaker" from Soap Opera. IBP band serenaded me with Happy Birthday and Surrender by Cheap Trick. I cried. Came home and breastfed Diego. Watched with David some of the Beckett on Film DVD that he gave me for a birthday present: Rockaby and Endgame. Went to sleep.

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Robin said...

Happy birthday to you! (I hope I remembered to send a card!) xo