Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh Maria, Madre Mia
Oh Consuelo del mortal
Amaprame y guiame
A la paz del celestial

I found myself singing this song to Diego before bed a couple nights ago. It was the closing song of the daily mass I attended as a child with my mom and siblings. Mass started at 7:15 a.m., and school started at 8. The mass was in Latin, and lasted 25 minutes, which is short by Catholic standards. I never thought about the words when I sang the song as a child. I sang it because I'd memorized it, just as I had memorized all the prayers in Latin. The entire mass was in a foreign language that I could speak, but I could not understand. Singing it to Diego, I realized that I now knew what the words meant. The song is in Spanish, not Latin.

Oh Mary, my mother
Oh consoler of mortals
Protect me and guide me
to the celestial peace.

1 comment:

Raúl MB said...

you got the "lyrics" wrong, it shoud be:
Oh maría madre mía
Oh consuelo del mortal
Amparadme y llevadme
A la patria celestial.