Friday, February 23, 2007

Fun As It Comes

I got called home from the seximals at Brasil, their last "show" ever because Tony's moving to Kosovo to be with his wife Emily, who works for the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). I love the seximals, so when David called to tell me Diego was crying non-stop and would I please come home (David's really sick, otherwise he would have taken care of it), I felt sad sad sad. I love to watch Tony play the piano; when he does, a part of him that I rarely get to see shines through, so understated he is so much of the time. But when he plays music, he becomes FIERCE. I love it. Plus, I got to hang out with Emily who is not only the best dancer on the dance floor (not that there's any dancing to the seximals at Brasil), but also one of the smartest and most beautiful women I know. I'm not hyperbolizing here.

I got home to Diego crying and crying because he's a big fat baby. Literally. So I gave him some boobie, which immediately calmed him down. But every time I tried to set him back to bed, the wail, OH! the wail he let out. So he came out to the living room with me because I am not ready to go to bed yet.

I was going to write tonight about memories of friends, but Diego is here next to me, yawning, kicking me and farting smelly farts, and he's just too present for me to do anything but get back to him.

Here's a picture we just took for you to enjoy:

Good night now.


Powergirl said...

i am laughing so hard right now. thanks. cause i was just crying so hard for half an hour, cause tony is leaving. my eyes look like shit. i'm a big fat baby. need boobie.

Powergirl said...
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Powergirl said...
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Puesnimoda said...

Hi, dear TeXta. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'm leaving DC for Skopje at the tail end of May, and I wish we were driving there together in my minivan! That was so fun--especially that wacky Holiday Inn in Little Rock.

Let's get caught up soon. Meanwhile, if you think we'd hit it off, maybe put me in touch with the folks moving to Kosovo? Skopje is not very far away, and people from Prishtina often head there for a bit of a break.

I hope David is feeling better.

xoxoxo A.