Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

Two years ago, Clara was born by C-section. She was due on March 5, but because of some difficulties I had with low amniotic fluid during the last months of pregnancy, she came out on February 21 instead. The safe zones for amniotic fluid fall between 5 and 25. At around month 7, my fluid had fallen to 11. She and I had to be monitored by ultrasound every two weeks until she was born. On the morning of her birth, I saw my OB, who checked to see if my cervix was dialated. It wasn't. "I'll see you soon, I suppose," she said.

That same morning, I saw my perinatalist, who was located on the Woman's Hospital of Texas campus, too. She measured my fluid and kept quiet the duration. "My OB says I'll be having the baby next week sometime, probably," I said, making conversation.

"Oh you better have it before then," she said. "You're fluid's at 5."

"Like when?" I asked.

"Like today," she said.

I looked at David. It was a Monday morning. The previous Friday, I had said goodbye to my teacher friends because I felt like the baby was going to come at any moment, and I didn't want it to be while I was teaching my Sophomore English Lit. class. "Fine," I told the doctor.

And so it was. So very, very fine.

Happy Birthday, Clara. I love you.

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