Friday, March 30, 2007

Pee Party

Yesterday, I sat nursing Diego while Clara left to go pee pee on her little potty in the bathroom. After almost 15 minutes went by, I suspected that maybe there was pee pee elsewhere than in her little potty, so I got up, Diego still attached to my boob, and walked to the bathroom to check on her. I found her having a tea party in the "mommy/daddy potty," as she calls it. She was drinking toilet water out of her pink toy teapot's spout. Needless to say, I freaked out. While hyperventilating and screaming "NO NO NO NO! We don't drink toilet water!" I asked myself mentally if I wasn't perhaps going overboard with my freak out, since I tend toward the hypochondriac end of the spectrum. I wanted to gauge whether my freak out might scar my daughter, or worse cause her to hate the potty. Quickly, though, I decided that my hysterical reaction was entirely appropriate given that we don't, in fact, drink toilet water, and for very good reason.

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