Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prince Charming

David is up for a community service award sponsored by the Houston Grand Opera in conjunction with their Cinderella Ball gala extravaganza on March 31. Clearly a marketing scheme for the Opera to try and lure young people into their aging audience, they have created a text-message-based voting campaign, a la American Idol, in their attempt to appeal to a younger generation. I myself have never seen American Idol -- honest -- but I did finally figure out how to text message from my Razor phone so that I could vote for my husband. The winner will be named "Prince Charming" at the Cinderella Ball's "Ever After" Party.

Gag me with a glass slipper.

HOWEVER! I am totally in support of David being recognized for his tireless and dynamic community service, and so I'm urging you to vote for him by texting the phrase "everafterhim" into your cell phone and sending it to 66937. When you get the ballot in your message box, please check "A" for David Brown.

You can look David's profile as well as the other candidates by going here. Please note that David is the only candidate who included his wife in his "dream dinner guests" list.

In my book, he has already earned the title of Prince Charming.

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