Monday, March 19, 2007

Today, a lone protester staked out a spot in front of the Post Office on Richmond with handmade signs bearing the slogan "War On Stupidity." As in "we're warring against stupidity;" as in "rage on, Stupidity." Of course, G.W. Bush's face graced the signs, too.

This year when it came time to Bush's State of the Union Speech, I forced myself to watch it. The only way I could stand to do so -- normally the sound of his voice affects me like a cockroach crawling into my ear -- was to pretend I was a Republican. I enjoy pretending, so I kind of got excited to listen to the speech, pretending that Bush was my hero.

As I listened with this perspective, I found myself liking him a little bit, not liking him enough to really like him, but liking him enough to feel compassion for him. He has a hard job. I'm sure his stupidity doesn't make it any easier for him to do that job. Or maybe it does.

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