Saturday, February 17, 2007

Favorite School Teachers

Mrs. Hinton, 1st grade
Sr. Grace, 2nd grade
Sr. Mary Roch, 3rd grade
Mrs. Monahan, 6 grade
Sr. Noreen, 5th grade
Sr. Alexandra, 7th grade
Sr. Mary Martin, 8th grade
Mr. Dye, Algebra II/Trigonometry
Mr. Mohit, Math Analysis
Mrs. Berkshire, 9th grade English
Mr. Victor, 12th grade English AP
Mr. Bob Hoffman, Social Science
Mr. Perry, Choir Director
Renee Lacouage, Voice teacher
Dr. Carothers, Romanticism
Dr. Gail Wronsky, Poetry Workshop 101
Robert Reichle, Literary Theory
Jaime Stover, Dance Exercise, Yoga
Father Mike, SJ, Psychology and Hermeneutics
Paul Salamunovich, LMU Choral Director
Dr. Linda Bannister, Stylistics
Adam Zagajewski, Poetry Workshop and Modern Thought
Ed Hirsch, Poetry Workshop and Contemporary American Poetry
Dr. Sidyney Berger, Acting and Directing Theory
Rosellen Brown, Non-Fiction Workshop


Robin said...


Robin said...

No wonder you became a teacher!

Mr.Bowers said...

Hello? Isn't there ONE MORE teacher that isn't on your list? I taught you something didn't I? What about the new word I taught you? It's getting CROWDY in here!